. . The character in this manhwa is a hunter with the power of the necromancer as well as an ability to level. Alt Titles: Martial Peak, Wu Lian Dian Feng.

Romance manga where mc has a leveling system

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These manga typically follow adventurers who traverse the floors or levels of a dungeon to find treasure, to defeat monsters, or to exit it.

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. This a manga with a leveling system.

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I'm not sure whether these have anime adaptations or have their own page here in MAL but here are similar manhwa/manhua to Solo Leveling 1.

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Manga/Manhwa with Game System! 25. . Solo Leveling. . Recently, many manga and manhwa have stories with characters who possess leveling system and In this article, I’m going to share with you the 10 Best Manga Where MC has a system. Oct 15, 2022 · Duan Fei, who had to give it his all just to barely survive in his previous life, is now the hero and future savior of the world.

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Oct 7, 2022 · The protagonist also has a system to help him upgrade.

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In particular this is one of the badass.

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He also gets a system known as Murim Online and he has to perform missions in order to increase his strength.

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