Under the bridge at the very North of Poidsear Coast. . The Hogwarts Legacy guide showing how to solve the puzzle in the Tomb of Treachery needed for the Cursed Tomb Treasure side quest. The marked spot on the map has a.

Tomb of treachery

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Not to start discourse again, but I find it very weird that, despite The Locked Tomb being full of extremely fucked up canon relationships (some of which end in literal murder), the hate is entirely focused on two relatively mild ships.

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The map shows the correct pattern for the tiles (Image credit: Portkey Games) To find the Cursed Tomb Treasure you need to follow the Mysterious Map Fragment to the Tomb of Treachery dungeon just.

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Icicle #2. r/ZafrostVideoGameGuide.

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6: Go inside and head for the room with the stone coffin in the middle.

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Once inside the Tomb, players can only reach the treasure after solving a magical stone puzzle. Under the bridge at the very North of Poidsear Coast. youtube. Show more. The treasure map doesn't show much, but if you've already found this place, you will immediately recognize it because of the waterfall. Fan Feed More Hogwarts Legacy Wiki.

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Then travel to the Tomb of Treachery behind the waterfall in the far north of the area.

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Feb 10, 2023 · Tomb of Treachery.

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This is the quest that asks.

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Be warned, there are Loyalist Goblins lurking around who.

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